Amato and Keating, P.C. is a law firm that has focused exclusively in commercial and retail collections for 30 years. It has 26 support staff, collectors, and attorneys operating from two locations. The firm accepts claims on a statewide basis in Pennsylvania and represents the premier collection agencies in the United States. We are bonded over every Commercial Law List and our attorneys are active members in the Commercial Law League of America. To effectively handle claims statewide our main office is located in Eastern PA in Bethlehem and our second office is located in Western PA in Pittsburgh.

Ronald Amato has developed a national reputation for the implementation of efficient computer technology in the commercial and retail law office environment. He recognized the importance of this computerization long before it became main stream in the collection industry as it related to law firms. The firm utilizes a collection database and integrated imaging program that have been refined over the last 20 years to make them one of the most efficient commercial collection systems available today. Amato and Keating, P.C. was the first collection law firm in the United States to utilize an integrated imaging system tied directly to its database.

The firm's main office in Bethlehem is located in a commercial building designed by Mr. Amato and is curently staffed by 19 employees. Our Pittsburgh office is staffed with 7 employees. The firm's primary objective is to provide the most professional, competent and thorough service of collection claims available today. From the time the firm acknowledges a claim to the time the file is closed, Amato and Keating, P.C. keeps all of its clients up to date on the current status of their claims and where they are headed. This commitment to a high level of service has been and will always be the foundation of Amato and Keating, P.C.
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